Tuesday, February 2, 2016

See Some More Amazing Acts

In my continued effort of hunting down the Artist Cards insert set from the 2013 Viceroy Carnival release I have just added #AC3, the Lion Tamer, and #AC8, Beard of Bees.

I love the Artist Cards, they were created by various artists similar to sketch cards but they are printed on metal and they are limited to #/25 though the individual cards are not numbered. These are the second and third cards I picked up from the insert set, in August I purchased my first one the Barker.

I am not sure if I want to complete the Artist Card checklist or stick to singles, some of the other cards that I know I want to pick up in the 9-card checklist are the Escape Artist and Sword Swallower.. Eventually I would also like to pick up some of the sketch cards.


  1. Some of those small-company card sets are pretty cool. I like these Carnival cards.

  2. Super unique. Very cool. Best of luck... should you decide to go for the set. That would be one helluva 9-pocket page.