Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sports Cards Super Bowl VI

We are now down to two

The old gun slinger versus the young quick draw

Does Peyton Manning end his career with a Super Bowl win like John Elway?


Does Cam Newton send notice to the rest of the league that he is ready to begin a Hall of Fame career with a championship?

Now on to Sports Cards Super Bowl IV  

The previous five years I picked up two Championship Football repack box which usually gave me around 25-30 repacks packs and I would tally up the points using the various cards to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl but this year none of the local Walmart stores had any of the Championship Football repack boxes and I was in a bit of a pickle. As I looked through the small section of sports cards and considered my options I wondered if I should skip the Sports Cards Super Bowl, ala the 1994 World Series, or call an audible. I called an audible and grabbed two blasters, one from Topps and one from Panini to try and get a bit of variety. This year the cards making the prediction are 2015 Topps Chrome Football and 2015 Panini Contenders Football.

This is my sixth year doing Sports Cards Super Bowl and I am 3-2 as a predictor, which probably would be good enough to win the AFC South Division. Here are the previous results:



The scoring system will remain similar to previous years:

Extra Point (1 pt.) For random cards that could be a sign or superstitious

Field Goal (3 pts.) For any player from the Broncos or Panthers

Touchdown (7 pts.) For any Hall of Fame player from the Broncos or Panthers (or if they are a HOF lock)

TD w/ 2pt Conversion (8 pts.) For any Broncos or Panthers autos or relics


2015 Topps Chrome Football

Broncos- 7 points
#100 Payton Manning (HOF lock)

Panthers- 0 points 

Broncos 7
Panthers 0

2015 Panini Contenders Football

Broncos- 9 points
#2 CJ Anderson

#3 DeMaryius Thomas

#91 Emmanuel Sanders

Panthers – 7 points
#42 Cam Newton (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on a HOF career)

Broncos 16
Panthers 7

A low scoring game that does not pick up until the 3rd quarter but after a couple of field goals by the Broncos we see Cam Newton turn on the electricity and finally lead the Panthers to a touchdown but it will not be enough. Payton Manning ends his career with his second Super Bowl title and retires a champion.

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  1. I hope you improve to 4-2! This is a great concept, I enjoyed going back to your previous years.