Monday, February 22, 2016

It Is Going To Clear The Wall For #630

After a number of pickups and trades over the last month I have spent the last few days organizing my additions and I am to the point where I have them mostly scanned in and adding them to my Zistle account and today I hit my 630th unique Griffey cards, which is his career homerun total. Card #630 is nothing special, it isn’t limited, an autograph or a hit, but it is a card that I dig. The card comes from the 1995 Donruss Top Of The Order release which is a collectible card game (CCG).

I have never played any of the collectible card games but I do tend to like the cards because they are very different from most other base card releases, usually because of the stats and other info printed on the card as part of the game, but there are often images that are used specifically for the CCG/TCG and not used in other releases..

The card front shows Griffey in swing, eyes locked on the ball and arms extended as he begins his follow thru. The card back is green with the Top Of The Order logo. The Griffey card, card #150 on the 360-card checklist, is a Rare card which came 1 per 12 card booster pack.

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