Thursday, February 4, 2016

Such Beauty From A Bad Ass

One card post tonight

I finally picked up an autograph of one of the most beautiful signatures from one of the evilest bounty hunters in the universe. A Jeremy Bulloch gold ink autograph, along with a nice “Boba” inscription, on a Star Wars TCG card. I still would love to add an official autograph but this will do for now.

I just realized I did two Star Wars posts in a row. Which way should I go tomorrow?


  1. What a neat autograph to get. Was this a TTM by you?

    1. I purchased it but I do really need to get back in to sending out TTM requests, I had some luck last year with them.

  2. Awesome card. Love me some Boba. As for tomorrow's post... I say make it a Star Wars trilogy.