Thursday, February 8, 2018

American Horror Story Asylum Goodies

I was kind of late to the American Horror Story party but my daughter suggested to me that I may enjoy the series, so I started watching and I am hooked and I am only in season two. The episodes are engaging, and I like that each season is a completely different storyline and while there may be some actors from one season to another they play a completely different character. Like Zachary Quinton plays a ghost attempting to keep his home in season one’s Murder House and in season two’s Asylum he plays a psychiatrist.

I picked up a couple of autographs and relic cards. The autographs are Joseph Fiennes and Naomi Grossman. They both play powerful characters in Asylum; Grossman’s Peeper appears more towards the end of the season. Quite a few of the actors added an inscription based on their character on their autograph cards. Fiennes plays Monsignor Howard so his inscriptions are religious based while Grossman plays a pinhead named Pepper who is illiterate so she signed "Pepper" as her character would have signed. 
Here is what Naomi Grossman normally looks like, a huge difference from Peeper. 
I liked this relic card especially because it isn’t the standard clothing relic, but instead a piece of a broken record. In the show, which takes place in an asylum (I know, the season name gives it away right?), Sister Jude, who runs the Briarcliff Manor Asylum, insists that the song “Dominique” by the Singing Nun play on a constant loop on a record player in the rec room. Later in the season the record gets broken and Breygent took the pieces and used them for prop cards, a very cool idea.


  1. I've been on the AHS train since season five and season one is one of the best slices of Television that I've ever seen. I did not realize that they made cards for that show though - the record prop card is phenomenal!

  2. I think I watched one or two episodes a few years ago. Maybe I should go back and give it another shot.