Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Question Day- Autographing A Card?

Today is question day:

Is adding a sticker autograph to a PC card that will remain in your collection acceptable?

What about getting a PC card signed IP or TTM? Is this the same as adding a sticker auto?

I am sure this question will get some very spirited answers because people look at altering cards in different ways. There is trimming a card to get a better grade and then there is getting a card autographed for your collection, what is considered crossing the line?

I think the sticking point here, excuse the sticker pun, will be the difference between an IP/TTM autograph and a sticker autograph. Most people can tell the difference between a card that is hard signed and packed out versus getting your favorite athlete to sign at batting practice. But, with the sticker autograph it become muddy, the sticker is official but the card that it is re-attached to isn't supposed to have a sticker autograph. I feel with the sticker autographs it is easier to deceive buyers when it is being sold, we have all seen cases where an unscrupulous seller claims the card is unreleased or missing the serial number trying to lead someone to believe it is more rare.


  1. A sticker autograph affixed to a PC card isn't really altering the card the same way does trimming the same card would - but it is kind of strange and would be something I would not buy outright unless I'm looking for such a thing.

    It is kind of cute in some cases, especially for players that may have passed but may have had signed a sheet of stickers or whatever that were sold through a third party, to for a seller to pass it off as a certified issued autograph card is shady.

  2. Are people actually pulling sticker autos off of certified cards and then placing them on their own cards? That's something I never would even think of doing. But as long as they're keeping them in their own collection and not trying to sell or trade them off as a pack pulled autographs, I have no problem with it.

    As for getting a PC card signed IP or TTM, I'm all for that. One of the things that I've been collecting are autographed rookie cards that have been slabbed and certified by PSA or BAS. And since I don't really go out and grab IP or TTM autographs myself, I'm counting on others to do it for me.

  3. I don't know what I'd do with the sticker auto, but I gladly get cards signed buy the player if I have the opportunity, and I'll buy a signed card if the price is right.

  4. The difference is that the IP auto pretty much has to be right from the player (unless it's forged), but the sticker auto is pulled off some other card without the player's involvement, so it's like he signed a different card and you changed it to yours. OK if you're keeping it, but a little different nonetheless.