Thursday, February 1, 2018

Not To Be Outdone

Last week I posted the 2005 Donruss Elite Steve Largent/Darrell Jackson cards where the serial numbers were put on in different directions. Apparently, Topps had a “Hold my beer” moment in 2013 with the Topps UFC Bloodlines release.

I am now adding my Ryan Bader collection to the Trading Card Database and you guessed it, Topps outdid Donruss. Each of the 2013 UFC Bloodlines base cards have four serial numbered parallels and three of the four are serial numbered on the front of the card beneath the UFC logo in the top corner while the fourth (Flag parallel) has the serial number on the back of the card.

C’mon Topps, don’t do this to a brother.

Anyone else come across a similar situation where a card company likes messing with collectors?


  1. Lol. Topps is just playing with your emotions.

  2. Mr.Bader is just as good with his left hand as his right hand