Thursday, February 15, 2018

Well That's Just Odd

I came across the most unique issue the other day while scanning in cards to add to TCDB, my 2011 ITG Griffey memorabilia card would not scan properly. It is the strangest thing, but when the card scans one of the bottom corners comes out disproportionately no matter where on my scanner bed the card sat.

The card is a standard relic card, so it isn’t thicker or shaped any differently than other relic cards, and I have scanned at least one hundred cards over the last few days and this is the only one that has this result. I added the red stroke so you can see where the card edges should be located.


  1. Just miscut? That happens with my customs from time to time, slipping on the paper-cutter. lol

    1. The card is perfectly square, this is what happened to the image when I scanned it.