Friday, February 16, 2018

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1910 T51 Murad College Series Kentucky Baseball

This month’s VCoM comes from packs of Murad Cigarettes and is cataloged as 1910 T51 Murad College Series. It was a multi-sport set, though some are not really sports, and contains 150 cards with an additional 75 variations for a total set of 225 if you are looking to complete the entire set as released. You’ll find baseball, football and basketball but you will also come across camping and snowshoeing, so the checklist is quite an eclectic grouping and as expected there are colleges and sports that will run a premium.

I picked up a couple of cards from the set and I will start with this baseball card of State University of Kentucky, now known as the University of Kentucky. I guess carrying around a banner saying you suck (SUK) can make the name change a rather easy decision.

In 1910 the State University of Kentucky organized their first athletic teams, so if you think about it this is a SUK RC.

Compared to other baseball cards from the set this one was rather cheap because of the back checklist being marked up. Apparently, the original owner had 16 cards from the 25 cards on the checklist. I don’t mind because as I have said before with vintage cards these types of marks add character. Maybe some day I will do a mini-PC based on the marked off cards, that would be quite the peculiar mini-PC.


  1. Great looking card. It definitely doesn't SUK. I have a Stanford Murad, but I don't think mine has an athlete on the cover. I think mine shows off a redwood tree.

  2. Not quite a SUK RC. UK began playing baseball in 1896, per their Media Guide.

    But a really cool card. A few years ago I picked up the
    University of Tennessee card