Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bump It 8x10

I picked up the most unusual item awhile back and it sat in my closet until recently when I was looking for some 8x10s I had stored. It is a Fist Bump and Kiss Bump 8x10 autograph. 

Ashlee Evans-Smith is a character, she is part punker and part Conor McGregor and she makes some very interesting Twitter posts that are always fun.  

Topps has released fist bump cards in both MMA and WWE, but they are always expensive, so I went a different route. This was a custom piece that the guy had made to bring to one of the MMA conventions, he has other fighters too but most I didn’t know. I am disappointed that the background is pixelated, but it is a cool discussion piece and will display nicely with the autographed MMA fighting gloves that I have. Now if I just had a man cave where I could display my collection.


  1. That's an interesting piece for your collection.

  2. Very cool piece of memorabilia. Are you going to put it back into the closet... or hang that baby up?