Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Art Gallery- 2005 Breygent John Wayne

This month’s Art Gallery display is from Chris Henderson, who has an amazing talent with realistic images using just a pencil. He does work in color too but there are certain sets where every sketch is done in pencil and they are done well. Henderson has done a lot of work for Breygent, and those are usually the sketch card sets done almost all in pencil with minimal color. I believe this is because he is the only sketch card artist for those sets so he has a lot of cards to do in a limited time and pencil line sketches are easier to produce but don’t take that as they are not quality art.

The card is from Breygent’s 2005 John Wayne set and features the Duke in cowboy gear. When it came to John Wayne it was almost always a cowboy flick or a military flick so all of the sketch cards that I have seen fit in those two genres.

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  1. I love Henderson's work! That's a great sketch of the Duke.