Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Goal? Well Sorta

Happy New Year! 

I’ve struggled with collecting modern cards, I am not going to rehash the complaints collectors have with the newer sets but just know that I am feeling the same way. It makes me sad that these thoughts have even crossed my mind.  

I wouldn’t say it is necessary to “re-ignite” my feelings, just a re-direction. When I was a kid, I loved ripping packs of Star Wars cards. I would go through my collection, add the missing cards and trade dupes. I would then wrap a rubber band around the set and place them in a shoe box. I want those feelings again, so I decided that vintage Star Wars is where I am going to focus. As I typed out the set lists, I started to feel better.

Nothing modern, no parallels and for now, no inserts or stickers.


  1. Have fun! 1977 Topps Star Wars were the first packs of cards that I remember opening. They're a big part of my collecting history. Happy New Year!

  2. Mine was 1987 Topps baseball. I know it's garbage now, but back then it was all about town!