Monday, January 7, 2019

Question Day- School Pride?

Today is question day:

Do you collect players from your school(s)?

I went to an art college, no sports teams, but I spent my youth in Tucson, so I collect University of Arizona players in their college uniform. I have begun to add some players from my high school to my collection, quite a few went on to a college / semi-pro / professional career. I had done a post this past November for John Beck, the first of my mini-PC of former Mountain View Toros.


  1. I attended a school (didn't graduate, no diploma) that had sports but they weren't in the big leagues. I have lived in Maryland my entire life (with the exception of my college time) so The University of Maryland is my goto Homie team. I collect players who went there.

  2. I have a big collection of a few hundred cards of guys who went to my high school. Also collect some SDSU guys and other players from/near my hometown, but those are less of a priority.

  3. I went to Northwestern, so there are a fair number of guys from there I could collect, but I never made it a priority.

    A few years back there was a very highly regarded prospect from my old high school, Jaren Sina, who then committed to Northwestern! He was my guy! But then Northwestern changed coaches and Sina decided to go to Seton Hall instead. He wasn't drafted and now plays in Europe.

    1. I should have made clear--Sina's a basketball player.

  4. Heck yeah. But since SJSU doesn't produce a ton of professional athletes, I resort to collection all Bay Area colleges... as well as UH (in honor of my mom and relatives in Hawaii). And I haven't started a PC for TCU, but I did grab an autograph of Bob Lilly since my niece is currently attending there.

  5. I've thought about it, but haven't really put any effort into starting a school-based project. I attended both of the major universities in my state (University of Idaho, Boise State University), but actually graduated from Northwest Nazarene University, a smaller school without many famous alumni. My schools overall have a number of notable names in basketball, football, and baseball. This might be an idea I revisit at some point.

  6. I've thought about it too and Wichita State has some powerhouse baseball, basketball, and bowling stars. Maybe someday I'll start working on a few of these cards.