Saturday, July 11, 2009

Craigslist Collectors

I find it interesting to spend some time scanning through Craigslist to see what kind of deals are available in my area. It also gives me the opportunity to get the occasionally laugh from some of these “offerings”. It is one thing to see an advertisement where the person posting clearly states that they do not know what it is that they have and are willing to work out a deal but it is a completely different story when the person posting the advertisement is delusional or just attempting to get some unknowing person to pay their bills.

This guy is attempting to sell a 1992 Front Row Derek Jeter for $250, he even posts: 1992 Front Row Derek Jeter Draft Pick #55
Valued at $750 low - $1500 high

I wonder where he is getting his values from because I can pick one up for less then $1 on eBay and another seller is offering the entire 1992 Front Row set including the Jeter for $5.99.

That advertisement had me pretty amazed until I came across this guy who is offering 38,000 cards for $19,000. They may break down to 50 cents per card but how many base cards are even worth that much? If the 4 cards he posted are his best cards then he is seriously confused if he believes that someone is going to be paying over-inflated prices on a bunch of average cards so he can buy a car.

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  1. Craigslist (and Ebay for that matter) are good for a laugh because of the high number of delusional sellers out there. I think a lot of them are just hoping to dupe some sucker into making a stupid purchase. Buyer beware as always!