Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mariner Trades

This time of year usually turns in to a time of depression for the average Mariner fan as we see players being let go to clear out payroll dollars. But this year may be different. The team is only 7 ½ games out of first place in the West and only 5 ½ games out of the Wild Card spot with 61 games still to play.

Will there be redemption this year? Will the Seattle Mariners be playing well in to October?

In the last 2 weeks the Mariners have made a number of trades, and it looks like not only are they plugging holes but also they are trying to bring in some help. Some needs have been filled, specifically at Shortstop, and some young pitchers have been brought in too. The big question on everyone’s mind is what will become of Jarrod Washburn?

UPDATE 7/31-

In a last minute trade before the 4pm deadline, the Mariners traded Jarrod Washburn to the Detroit Tigers for a couple of pitching prospects. This season is turning out to be a pleasant surprise; I guess you can probably tie the Mariners woes to ex-GM Bill Bavasi. The current GM, Jack Zduriencik, is making trades that are filling needs as well as setting the team up for the future.

While Washburn is having a decent season, he is a 34-year old .500 pitcher with a career 4.02 ERA, so to get 2 young arms in return looks to be a good move for the future of the team. I think if Bedard had been healthy the Mariners would have worked some more deals but I am pretty happy with the way that things are going. It is nice to see Seattle working trades in their favor.

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