Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Would You Do?

I understand that when your team is in the champion game you some times feel like you would be willing to do anything to get tickets for the game. Apparently there are some people who just ignore all moral judgments and just go straight for the gutter in attempts to earn those tickets. Is the World Series worth a threesome?

Susan Finkelstein of Philadelphia was arrested Tuesday after taking out a Craiglist ad offering sex in exchange for tickets. Her lawyer, in typical fashion, pointed out that while she might have “dropped double entendres in her ad, she never explicitly offered sex”. You have to love lawyers the way they can make the most offensive situation seem less lewd.

What is more obscene, the ad being posted in the first place or that the poster is a 43-year old Univ. of Penn Graduate student who wanted to take her husband to a game?

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