Sunday, February 14, 2010

Patchworks- Kerr

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Player: Steve Kerr
Team: San Antonio Spurs
Set: 2007 Upper Deck Trilogy- Generations
Card # : PM-SK
Serial # : 08/50
Description: Appears to be neck or sleeve piping, unfortunately there is a little damage to the top of the card but nothing serious.

Steve Kerr is by far my favorite NBA player of all time. A University of Arizona product, I have been watching him play since 1984-85.

Just look at his career: He played in the '86 FIBA World Championship where the US won the Gold (he did injure his knee during the tournament though), he helped lead the Wildcats to the '88 NCAA Final Four, a 5-time NBA Champion with the Bulls and Spurs and he is the All-Time NBA 3-point percentage leader.

I missed my one opportunity to meet him when he came to talk at my church when I was in high school, I was sick that day and didn't know he was the "surprise" guest speaker. Fortunately my girlfriend got his autograph for me, which I still treasure today.

I have a decent sized collection of his memorabilia, not as large as my Griffey collection but still sizeable, ranging from autographed floor pieces to a decent collection of relic and autograph cards.

Maybe some day I will run a series of posts about my Steve Kerr collection.

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