Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Week In Trades

Over the past week I have been working on some trades, The first with Chris from On Card Autos, a big fan of the Chicago Cubs and Nomar Garciaparra. When he told me that he had hundreds of Mariners cards to trade he was not kidding. In all, I would say that there was close to 400 Mariners cards in the box that I received. I sent Chris 5 cards total, a couple of Derek Lee cards along with a Nomar die-cut and Alfonso Soriano card and a sketch card of Nomar that I made for Chris.

The box he sent took me a couple of days to go through, it seemed like every other card I saw brought me back to some early Mariner teams. Besides Ken Griffey Jr, my favorite Mariner player has always been Jay Buhner and Chris included a Pinnacle Sportflics Buhner that I did not have. Not to mention a couple of Toppstown.com cards that my son collects.

The second trade was with Chuck from Chuck’s Used Cards. He is a serious soccer collector and I happened to have a small collection of Turn of the Century English soccer cards. I sent a couple of cards ranging from the 1902 Ogden Cigarettes through 1917F & J Smith Cigarettes sets. In return Chuck sent me some amazing cards. First and fore most he included 3 Reggie Jackson cards (73 Topps, 74 Topps Playoffs and a 81 Donruss), one of my favorite retired players. The cream of the crop for me is the 1955 All-American Hugh Gallarneau. The 55 All-American set is one of my favorite football sets ever, I love the college logos, the images and colors used are so cool. Then he included a couple of cards I was not expecting, an 84 Rickey Henderson along with 2 2005 Topps All-Americans.

The last few days have been fun trips to the mailbox… definitely better then bills.

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