Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adrenalyn Trading Card Game

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My son is a wrestling fan, his favorite wrestlers are John Cena and Rey Mysterio, and when I stop to pick up some packs he grabs up a few packs of WWE cards. Recently he became interested in the Topps WWE Slam Attax card game and always wants to play (neither of us even read the rules, we play a version like WAR where the highest rating wins).

I have never been interested in trading card games like Magic or Pokemon, but I have been collecting long enough to see those trends come and go and I think that the artwork in some of those trading card games is pretty awesome. I decided to grab up a couple of packs tonight of the Panini NBA Adrenalyn XL while I was out at Wallyland. I figured at 98 cents a pack I wasn’t really wasting money and I would get a first hand look at the set. I hate to say it but I am hooked and while I don’t see myself working on a set, there are 450 base cards, I may pick up a few packs here and there to look for my favorite players. The set actually reminds me of the Fleer NBA sets from the early 90s.

In Panini fashion they managed to create 4 parallels not counting the All-Star set. Besides the Base set there is the Special parallel, Extra parallel, Extra Signature parallel and Ultimate parallel. Honestly I am not totally sure of the differences between most of the parallels it looks to be foiling, imprinted autographs and the NBA logo. If anyone has any additional information I would appreciate the help so I know what the differences truly are between the parallels.

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  1. Parallel cards should also have higher stats than the non-parallel/lower-tiered parallel versions