Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome

Topps has released some preliminary images for the 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball set, scheduled for release October 18, 2010. The set will contain 220 base cards, 180 veterans and 40 rookies. There will be 6 different parallels; Super-Fractor (Hobby Only), Red, Orange, Gold, Blue and Refractor. Each box will contain 1 Autograph, 4 Team USA Baseball and 3 Topps 100 Prospects.

Schedule Release Date: October 18, 2010 (Topps), October 13, 2010 (Blowout Cards)
Box Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 18 packs per box
SRP: $84/per box

Box Break:
3 Autographs
4 Team USA cards
3 Topps 100 Prospects

This is your typical Bowman, a good card with excellent pictures on a simple black (or silver/blue) border. This is what you expect Topps/Bowman and you get what you expect, a great release.

As expected, Stephen Strasburg will be included in the checklist along with autograph and parallel versions.

In an interesting move Topps checklist includes autographs from prospects Tim Beckham, Yonder Alonso and Brett Wallace who all have an exclusive 3-year autograph contract with Razor. Apparently the Razor contract has a clause in it that allows Topps to create autograph cards of the 3 players in the case that the player makes it in to the pros or when the contract runs out in 3 years. There is also rumor that Topps or the players may attempt to buyout the contract with Razor if they do not get called up in time for the release.

This year Topps included Printing Plates, only a total of 1,496 plates are included in the entire run. The plates break down to 4 printing plates (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) of each of the base cards and then 4 of each of the Prospects and Team USA sets. Additionally, as a Hobby Exclusive, Bowman is including MLB Logoman Patch Cards of 5 players (I have not seen the checklist yet) #/50 each.

My Thoughts:
This is typical Bowman Chrome, you get what you expect and you expect only the best.


This is a great release; I would give this nothing less then 5 out of 5. A classic that looks good and gives you what you want… rookies and prospects.


  1. what? bowman 2010 release date october? what the F am I buying now? what about bcp1 chrome rookie? i am confused

  2. Bowman and Bowman Chrome are 2 different releases. The BCP cards in the current Bowman release are BCP1-110. The Bowman Chrome Prospects in the Bowman Chrome release will run BCP111-220

    Also, Strasburg will have a base card in the Bowman Chrome checklist, card #220

  3. and since it's card #220 it will be the first ROOKIE card, with the Rookie(RC) sign on it and not a prospect card as in the current release of Bowman Baseball. Strasburg while labeled a rookie still hasn't played enough to have a rookie card printed. kind of like Alex Gordon in 2006.