Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Question Of Quality Control

I picked up a couple of tins of 2009-10 SP Game Used Basketball the other day at a reasonable price. In the first tin I pulled a 6 Star Swatches jersey card of Nash, Andre Miller, Baron Davis, Mike Conley, Billups and Iverson #/99, a decent collection of guards both old and young. OK, it may not be the best collection of players on the 6 Star Swatches checklist but most important to me is that the card contains 2 of my favorite guards, Nash and Iverson.

After busting the rest of my packs, and pulling a Combo Materials of Chris Mullin (with some wonderful ‘80s porn hair) and Wally Szczerbiak, I went back to the 6 Star Swatches. When I pulled it out of the sleeve I noticed that COA card was stuck to the front of the card. Turns out the adhesive from the hologram COA ran and stuck the 2 cards together. I was able to carefully remove the COA card but the adhesive has done some damage to the front of the card right above the Nash jersey swatch.

The question is do I call it good because I pulled a card with 2 of my favorite players or do I contact UD and roll the dice on what I get in replacement? The card is not a high value card and I could pick up another one for $15-20, I am a little concerned about what I might get in replacement because I have heard some real horror stories.

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