Monday, July 4, 2011

Independance Day

Happy Independence Day to everyone

I was reading about a survey that was done last month and sadly people seem to be losing their history or to be more exact not learning their history. In this survey only 58% of all Americans are aware that our country declared independence in 1776. Even worse, for those under the age of 30 only 31% knew of our independence in 1776 and only 25% of Americans know that we declared our independence from Great Britain. I blame politicians for this debacle, let the teachers teach kids and not worry about state standardized testing to dictate how kids are taught.

 On a lighter note, Joey Chestnut continued his dominance at the annual Fourth of July Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating contest at Coney Island. In typical form Chestnut downed 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his 5th consecutive mustard yellow belt. Takeru Kobayashi (2001-2007 Champion) stayed away from the contest after last year’s outbreak when he actually charged the stage and was arrested. This year Kobayashi held his own contest in downtown New York where he ate 69 hot dogs showing he still has dominance in the sport of competitive eating.

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