Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Preview Images of Panini National Treasure NBA

Last month I posted up some preview images from Panini showing their upcoming 2010-11 National Treasure Basketball releases, still set to release in early August. Early pricing has it hitting @ $385/box and you will pull 6 Autos or memorabilia cards, 1 common #/99 and 1 Legend/Rookie/Parallel or other insert.

 I love the patches, who wouldn’t love a Logoman patch or prime multi-colored patch, but the design is just horrid. The designers just seemed to keep adding and adding on these cards. Take the rookie patch-autograph cards, it is like they started with a jumbo patch (good start) but then added some designs, I figure the conversation went something like this…

Designer #1- “OK, we have a solid start with the jumbo patch, oh wait… a quarter-sized player image should go here.”

Designer #2- “Uh oh, we forgot the autograph what should we do?”

Designer #1- “Well let’s just put it on the bottom border and toss in some laurels around it to make it pretty.”

Designer #2- “Sweet, we can now send it to get proofed and then on to print. What’s next on the schedule?

 The Logoman patch cards are pretty cool (Even though they changed from the promo images released last month) and I also like the Souvenir Cuts and ABA Legends autographs but the rest I could easily pass on without a second thought.

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