Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Images From The "Game Changing" 2012 Topps Baseball Set

A bit more information has been released about the game changing 2012 Topps Baseball set, ready for the big plan?

The base set will consist of 330 cards, comprised of 265 veterans, 30 rookies, 10 league leaders, four award-winners, five record-breakers, four World Series highlight cards and 10 career statistical leaders.

But wait, there is more...

Tons of parallels and inserts, minis and reprints and the game changer? Well, the game changer is...GOLD

That is right, the game changer is that they are changing the  2011 Diamond Giveaway, Diamond parallels and Diamond-themed inserts to Golden Giveaway, Golden parallels and Gold-themed inserts.

The information has been changed to 36 packs/box, the original announcement of 24 packs/box was incorrect.

OK, I have had enough fun with this so I am done talking about the 2012 Topps set for now.


  1. PLEASE tell me these aren't parodies. More shinies! Yes!

  2. It's still going to be 36 packs a box, according to Beckett.

  3. Where do you got those informations ?

  4. The information is from Beckett's Blog.

  5. Yes, now I know. ^^ I just googled!