Sunday, August 7, 2011

Preview: 2011 Topps UFC Moment of Truth

Schedule Release Date: Unknown
Box Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 16 packs per box
SRP: Estimated $50-75/box

Box Break:
1 Autograph card
1 Relic card
1 Dual-hit
16 Parallels
16 Inserts

My Thoughts:
Following in the steps of Gypsy Queen or Magic Topps is going with the artist-styling with the base cards in the UFC Moment of Truth release, which still has no announced release date or price (though Topps says packs should have a SRP of $2.65/pack).

One of the most notable additions to the product will be the addition of Strikeforce fighters, who were notably missing from previous releases even though WEC fighters were included in Title Shot. Also continuing from previous releases is the inclusion of several parallels of each base card; Gold (No #), Onyx (#/188), Ruby (#/8) and Diamond (1/1), parallels will be inserted at one per pack. There will also be one insert per pack and some of the inserts include Collision Course, Elite Skills, Showdown Shots, Heavy Hitters and Fight poster Review, all of which will also have parallels.

According to Topps there will be 70 different personalities included in the various autograph checklists, which means we will probably see announcers, refs or octagon girls in the autograph checklist along with the fighters. Like everything else in the set the autographs and relics will all include parallels.

Besides the artistic-styling of the cards and the Strikeforce checklist there is nothing new to be seen here in this set, sadly Topps has already become stale with the UFC brand which is really depressing considering they have only had the license for a few years.

As an MMA collector we are limited on what we collect and Topps is not doing anything to keep the collectors interested. To make things worse they are diluting the product by releasing 6 different UFC sets in less than 18 months (Counting Finest and Moment of Truth). Instead of flooding the market they should focus on quality (and quality control), on-card autographs and a solid checklist and put out one or two sets a year instead of one every 3 months. I do like the UFC Champs booklet cards (7 card checklist, there is one for each weight class champion) and they are each numbered to 3. Each booklet will include an autograph along with 2 jumbo relic swatches.

Let us see if Topps can actually get all 3 hits in to each box, something that has become a serious issue for them as of late. I am also anxious to see a checklist, the last few releases have had problems with adding fighters who were on the fringe or even cut by UFC.

They included Nick Diaz on the Strikeforce checklist even though he just vacated his Strikeforce Welterweight Championship to join UFC so he can take on Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137 in October. Since there is no release date I wonder if his card will be altered to show UFC.

3 Hits per box including a dual-hit

Strikeforce fighters on the checklist (finally)

UFC Champs Booklet cards

Gimmick artistic-styling

Parallels galore, a trend Topps has championed this year

Inserts galore, yup… Topps knows how to ruin a product

Sticker autographs


I will give the set a 3 ½ out of 5 because really it is only just “OK” as far as releases go. If the price point is around $50/box that is definitely a plus and with 3 hits per box you can do alright for yourself.

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