Saturday, November 5, 2011

Panini's Special Black Friday Packs

With Donruss Elite Extra Edition set to hit shelves on December 21st, the first baseball set that Panini will release since signing the licensing agreement with the MLBPA, they decided to draw attention to this signing with a release of a special “Black Friday” wrapper redemption product which will feature MLB players and will be handed out to customer who purchase specified product and amounts of product on November 25th at select card shops. The packs will also include cards from NFL, NBA and the NHL but most people seem to be drawing their focus (and ire) on the baseball cards.

Because Panini only has a MLBPA license they can only create cards with the players but they cannot be in uniform and there cannot be any connection to the MLB like team uniforms, team names, logos or anything else owned by the league. This can be a difficult task, just ask Upper Deck, so Panini decided to skip all the extra time of brushing out an action photo and instead went with the posed shots. It brings back memories of the early-90s Leaf Studio cards.

As a special release or an insert I like the cards but if Panini built an entire set in this design I would pass, I prefer an action shot and even an airbrushed action shot would be better than a posed image.

Additionally, randomly inserted in packs will be Kobe Bryant, Ryan Nugent Hopkins, Marshall Faulk and Tim Tebow autographs.

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