Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Early Preview Of 2013 Topps Supreme Football

Now that the NFL season has begun, with some strange results over the first two weeks, we are seeing the football sets hitting the shelves with plenty to come over the next few months including the upper end sets like Panini Playbook, Bowman Sterling and the ultra-high end Topps Five Star.
 In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII in February Topps will be unleashing 2013 Supreme Football. With the same pack out as last year, four cards including one hit, I would expect to see a similar pricing around $100-115 a box.
I think that Topps has made some great strides in the Supreme line over the last few years; 2010 Supreme, 2011 Supreme and 2012 Supreme all have their merits in design and layout and this year is no different. Honestly, the 2013 design is easily my favorite out of the four years. The gold and silver/gray and gold colors work so well together and even though the autographs are sticker autos, the gold stickers sync up well in the overall design. The gold foiling flows well throughout the cards and makes the entire set cohesive.

Some boxes will include an Autographed QB Playbook Booklet or Nickname Autograph Booklet box toppers.

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  1. That Aaron Rodgers patch is awesome! Reminds me of when UD had a license. I'd consider busting a box... but not a fan of pulling sticker autographs from a high end product.