Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Blaster Box: 2013 Topps Platinum Football

I am a fan of Topps’ Platinum releases, I am not sure what it is about the cards that peeks my interest but whenever a Platinum set comes out I have to pick up some packs. 2013 Platinum Football has been out for a couple of weeks and in that time I have picked two blaster boxes and a 3-pack rack pack, I opened up another rack pack tonight. Out of those 22 packs I have been pretty satisfied, a couple of Seahawks, a couple Cardinals, a handful of parallels, two rookie autographs and a Camo die-cut card.
I begin with the Seahawks, Beast Mode and the injured Percy Harvin. The interesting thing about the veteran cards is that the back of the cards are not glossy like the rookie cards in the set.
I pulled 15 rookies with these guys leading the way.
I pulled a handful of X-Fractors, nobody special so I am going with a Cardinals rookie. I actually opened three more packs this evening and I pulled another Taylor X-Fractor.
The rack packs include Orange Flame Refractors, they are the same design as the other Refractors (except for the X-Fractors). I pulled the Lacy Flame Refractor tonight.

A Steven Jackson Sapphire Refractor. These cards are thicker than the other cards, I am not sure why it is different. These refractors are one per pack in Hobby boxes but they do not have the same odds for retail packs. I pulled the Richardson Sapphire Refractor from a pack tonight.
The Black Refractors are one per hobby box, I am guessing they are the same 1:24 packs odds. With the way that the Steelers are playing, it is possible that Landry Jones may actually see playing time depending on Gradkowski’s ability.
I pulled two autographs, one from a blaster box and one from the rack pack. At 1:44 packs I was quite surprised to see one out of my original 19 packs let alone 2 autographs. Neither player will see much field time, Brown should at least get in the games though.
I close out with a Montee Bell Camouflage Die-cut ribbon card. Another card I was surprised to pull, Montee Ball is sitting behind Hillman on the depth chart but with his numbers from college he has shown that he has the ability.

My wife did the worst thing possible tonight, she sent me out for eggs at 9pm so she could finish making cupcakes. So I swing by the card aisle... for the second time today... and pick up another rack pack of Platinum Football. Three packs later and I add a Manti Te'o BCA die-cut  and a Geno Smith Orange Flame refractor. So far I have opened 25 packs and I seem to be defying the pack out odds. Not huge hits but still some nice cards to add to my binder.

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