Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chrome To The Eye

Have you bought a chrome or refractor card because you liked the way it looked or the color that it showed and then when you receive it you realize it looked a certain way because the scanner or camera flashed in a way to make it look cooler than it does in your hand?
This 2007 Bowman Best Griffey is a perfect example, these two cards are being sold by two different sellers but they are the same card. If you did not know you would assume (logically) that the left card would be a pink parallel but it isn't.
Chrome and foil cards are notorious for looking differently in hand versus in a picture or scan which can be frustrated if you are drawn to a card because the way it looks in the auction image. This is really common when it comes to the 1990s inserts when the companies first started using foil/chrome/etchings so the standards were quite different.

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