Monday, June 9, 2014

When A Bat Is Also A Cork

It is always fun to see the 2000 Pacific Invincible Many Ramirez corked bat card show up for sale. I don’t remember the last time it sold, but I remember it has shown up around $2,000 the last couple of times. It came up for auction again two weeks ago with a BIN of $2,000 when the auction ended without selling the seller relisted it but at $5,000, because everyone knows that when something does not sell you increase the price to draw in the buyers. As cool as the card is I would never pay this amount for a quirky relic card that includes a piece of cork out of a batting practice bat (What a Pacific rep once claimed).


  1. That is one Indians card I will never own. Not on the principle of corked bats, but rather on that of not paying a stupidly high price for a piece of cardboard. :-)

  2. what's so funny is I used to have that card. I always thought it was the biggest joke.