Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Its Wrastlin Time

When Leaf released Originals Wrestling in 2012 I was not a big fan, I didn’t like the artistic interpretation that was used with a number of the wrestlers. The Hulkster looked more like the Hipster and Kevin Nash looks like he spent more time at the hair salon than in the ring.
That does not mean that I dislike the entire release, there are actually a couple of wrestlers I am looking to add to my collection and I got the first one in to my hands. This Hillbilly Jim cost me a song and a dance. OK, maybe I tossed in 99 cents plus $2.32 for shipping, but when you consider what kind of song and dance you are going to get for $3.31 shipped to your door I think I definitely made out better.
Hillbilly Jim was one of my favorites during the 1980s, he stood out because of his size alone. This was at a time when most wrestlers were around 6’ (or less) so the 6’7” Hillbilly Jim wrestled a small collection of large wrestlers like Big John Studd, Andre the Giant and King Kong Bundy. These were the guys who would step over the ropes and as a kid that was just an amazing act to watch.

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