Friday, September 26, 2014

My Week In Cards

The week started with an email from Tracy Hackler, more on that next week

Today while running errands I hit Walmart and checked out the card section, nothing really caught my attention. As I was leaving the store I stopped and watched a pack searcher do evil and vile things to a stack of rack packs. The kind of things that would have gotten him suspended 6 games in the NFL or half a game suspension in college. I don’t mind people poking around packs and all but this guy was bending the packs to the point where you know cards were being damaged.
I have been pretty fortunate that in my 14 years on eBay I have only had one non-paying bidder that was until last week when I had two non-paying bidders in two days. One finally paid after 5 days, multiple emails and a threat I would report him as a non-paying bidder. The other took 7 days, multiple emails and I did report him as a non-paying bidder.
Another thing that can be frustrating about the Bay is that prices fluctuate daily, sometimes drastically. I posted up an auction of a lot of four 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Mickey Mantle cards (#/150), similar cards had been selling from $2-5 each the previous two weeks, I figured if I got $4 for them I would be happy. The lot sold for $2.47, bummer. Not a major lose but it gets you wondering if your higher value cards are going to sell at a reasonable price.
Some sellers can  have 100% feedback but that doesn’t mean they are not shitty sellers. I bought two cards using the BIN today before I realized they were the same seller so I emailed him and asked if he could combine shipping after the sale and refund me the difference, a reasonable request. He responded with basically “tough shit”. He said that since I bought them separately he was charged the fee by Paypal already and that he was forced to ship the cards separately. This is a guy who has been on eBay longer than me and has over 17k feedback. I know it can be done because I did it two days ago when a buyer won two of my auctions a couple of hours apart and paid for them separately. I just went in to Paypal and issued a refund of the additional shipping, which Paypal refunded me the fee on the shipping cost, and then printed out one shipping label in eBay by checking both auctions and selected to “Print Shipping Label” and it combined them in to one shipment. If keeping $2 extra in their pocket is so important to this seller they have lost me as a future customer.
Some recent pickups
An addition to my Seahawks collection, ignoring the fact that he isn't in a Seahawks uniform. Eventually I would like to add his 2014 Bowman card with him in a Texas Rangers uniform but there is no way I am paying what they are going for now ($50+)
A wonderful addition to my Griffey collection, this 1996 Select card depicts probably the most famous play in Mariners history. What is now know as "The Double" which propelled the Mariners in to the 1995 ALCS.
I am listening to Queen/David Bowie’s Under Pressure right now, easily my favorite Queen song.


  1. I had a non-paying bidder a while back on a high-dollar card. I was able to get the card up on eBay right after the release date, when it was selling regularly in the $700+ range. After spending a bunch of time trying to get payment from the bidder I had to re-list the card. By that time there were quite a few of them up on the site and I 'only' got a bit over $500 for the card. That non-paying bidder wasted my time and cost me over $200 in potential sales. Yuck.