Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Box Break: 2013-14 Panini Immaculate Basketball

First I would like to thank Tracy Hackler and Panini for holding the contest, otherwise I would have never had the opportunity to open such a top-end box of cards. The box comes in a cool tin, with sleeve, and inside is a velvet-like inner pack which holds the gold colored box.

Each box contains one numbered base card and 5 numbered hits made up of autographs, patches and relics. Some of the top hits are 1/1 Logoman autograph patches, booklet cards, Insignia patches and Game-used Nameplate Nobility patches but the top of the heap, be all-get all hits are the Sneak Peek shoe relics. These Sneak Peek relics contain a large sneaker swatch  of star players like Kyrie Irving, Shaq, LeBron James and Kobe with the cards all numbered to either 1/1 or #/2 and even the cheapest cards are running a couple of hundred with most selling well over $1,000.

One thing to remember though is that these boxes are high-risk/high-reward. If you are lucky you can make out big but if you don’t have a four-leaf clover growing out of your butt you will have buyer’s remorse. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to seem ungrateful, this was a unique experience, and I pulled cards from my two favorite teams but if I paid for the box I would have been disappointed.

First up is the Joakim Noah base card Gold Parallel #/10
A Kendrick Perkins jumbo relic #/75 from my least favorite team, the OKC Stolen Sonics
A Bill Sharman autograph #/99
The card has chipping along the green bottom
A Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Sole Of The Game shoe relic #/35
A Gary Payton Scorers Club autograph #/49
This card is very cool with the gold auto on black paper
Finally, an Alex Len Rookie Patch Autograph redemption
I collect Suns and Sonics so I got two cards for my collection, including the amazing Payton autograph. I also got a shoe card, just not the kind I was hoping to pull. So there you go…


  1. I agree that the box wasn't the greatest, and if you'd gone out and paid retail for it you'd come away a bit disappointed. But that Gary Payton auto is pretty sweet.

    I really want an example of one of those shoe cards, just because they're a cool concept. The Kidd-Gilchrist certainly isn't the top of the heap, but it's a nice piece of shoe anyway. I am moderately jealous that you pulled one.

    It's cool of Panini to run these contests. They had another one that ended last night. I think I got my entry in just before the deadline, and they are giving away 10 boxes of stuff. I hope this is my lucky time. I try to enter the contests whenever I remember to check their blog and they have one going.

  2. That Payton autograph is sweet!

  3. I agree with Fuji. That Payton has a nice look to it.