Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Return Of The Club

When I came back to collecting in 1992 it was Stadium Club that was my weakness. I was handing over cash like I was buying heroin all in search of the elusive Shaq rookie card or a Beam Team insert. When baseball season rolled around my addiction spread to pulling anything connected to Ken Griffey Jr.
Between 1991 and 2003 Stadium Club was a hobby staple, the glossy full-bleed cards were pure beauty in your hands. In 2007 Topps released 2007-08 Basketball and in 2008 they released 2008 Baseball, both high end products containing a hit per pack but the cost priced the release out of many collectors bracket and Stadium Club disappeared a second time. Now it is back for a third time and has been shifted back to a mid-range product with boxes selling around $100 and like Finest it now is made up of mini-boxes, 3 minis, with one autograph per mini-box.
Back are the beautiful full-bleed action shots, Beam Team and Triumvirate inserts. Parallels include Rainbow Foil (1 per mini), Gold Foil (1 per Master), Electric Foil (1 per Master), Foilboard (#/25) and Members Only (1 per case). New inserts include Legend Die-Cuts, Future Stars Die-Cuts and Field Access, along with their parallels. Autographs are made up of Base Autos, Lone Star Signatures, Beam Team Autographs, Co-Signers and 1991 Buyback Autographs.

I couldn’t be more excited about the return of Stadium Club. I am definitely grabbing singles here and possibly even busting a box.

Some cool cards are already showing up, I think the Beam Team cards are among my favorites.

The Members Only parallels #/8 are drawing a lot of attention too.

One of the huge upsides is that the autographs are on card and there are plenty to choose from ranging from rookies to vets and retired though it does suck that many of the top end autographs are redemptions.

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