Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It Will Soon Be Time To Restart Those Engines

After a year the question of who will be getting the NASCAR license has been answered and to nobody’s surprise it is Panini. At this point not a lot is known other than they have four sets in this year’s lineup with three of the products being re-hashed from their other licenses

2016 Panini Prizm

2016 Panini Torque

2016 Panini Certified

2016 Panini National Treasure

I have not watched NASCAR regularly for 4-6 years but I still have respect for what Press Pass did for so many years and I don’t like this idea. I realize it is all about who is willing to pay the most cash but I would have rather seen the license go back to Upper Deck, who did a solid job for the 6 years they had a NASCAR license.

NASCAR really is a different creature when it comes to cardboard, brands like Prizm and Certified just are not the correct medium for these fans. A card that is complete foil with bad angled designs are not what the license needs. National Treasure should do very well and will replace Press Pass’ Showcase and Five Star as a top end product. As for Torque we will have to wait and see.



  1. I have a bud at my LCS that bought a TON of Press Pass. I'm going to be real interested in chatting up Nascar John to hear his opinion on this. I'm thinking he may be happy new product is coming out, but not super duper happy who snagged the license.

    But to no surprise, Panini. I think UD should have gone after it. I wonder if they even tried bidding.

  2. I think Press Pass really did a good job with the NASCAR license. I don't trust Panini to do a good job with these sets, especially with Prizm likely being the first set in the pipeline. Maybe they will surprise me and come out with something great, but until I see it in-hand I doubt that they can pull it off. At the very least it will be good to have new NASCAR cards to chase, at least for as long as Panini sticks with it.