Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1968 A & BC Superman In The Jungle

This month’s VCoM comes from the 1968 A &BC Superman In The Jungle release, a card set that was released in the UK. This is my second 1968 A & BC Superman In The Jungle card, the last one I posted in September last year.

What draws me to the set, besides being a Superman set, is the interesting history that the set has. In 1968 the set was released in England and it drew interest from Topps which went on to create a test set based on the set but in the end decided not to release the set. You can find some of the Topps Test Proof cards, I would suggest sticking with ones that have been graded so you know they are not counterfeit, and they can run up to $100 each and because they are only proofs that were never intended to be released that are usually graded very low or just “A”.

The reason I selected this specific card is twofold, Superman is blasting a python with his heat vison which is always cool and second because Topps selected this specific card to recreate in the 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary release so of course I had to own both the original and the Topps 75th Anniversary version.

You will notice there is a difference between the cards with the original 1968 A &BC card being smaller, pink background and issues with the coloring. Here are the cards together for comparison.

I have never seen the 1968 Topps Test Issue of this card but I would eventually love to pick it up to complete the trilogy.

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