Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Gaggle Of Buhners

While I was hanging out with Angus the other day at the LCS we spent quite a bit of time going through 5,000-ct boxes picking up some base cards. I was looking to add to my Jay Buhner collection as well as any cool Seahawks cards and after 2 hours of searching I think we may have made it through five or six boxes, out of probably close to 100 boxes in this place. I am kicking myself over not hitting this LCS years ago but I am rectifying that now and will be going there from now on.

I ended up grabbing 21 cards total, 14 Buhner cards and 7 Seahawks, and I didn’t even spend $4.50 so that was nice. I am going to spend some time updating my Buhner want list and head back to make a bigger dent on the list. I was able to replace a couple of ghost cards and even add a 1991 Topps Jay Buhner glow back to my collection.  


  1. Growing up, Griffey was my favorite I saw a lot of Buhner, too. To this day, I remember thinking that he looked like such a bad dude with the goatee and the shaved head. Great memories!

  2. Love Buhner - one of my more prolific PC's!

  3. Yeah, I'll be hitting up that store again when I next visit Arizona.