Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Seahawks South Of The Border

One of the cards that I have been hunting is the 1977 Topps Mexican Steve Largent card, it is actually on my White Whales list. In 1977 Topps was attempting to extend their football line beyond the border and released a set in Mexico that was exactly like the set released in the U.S. except in Spanish. The above left card is the base version and the above right card is the Mexican release.

The packs only contained 2 cards and a stick of gum, which means a good portion of the cards out there have some sort of gum stain (as mine does on the front) so these are very condition sensitive cards. Many of the cards are rather cheap outside of the top players like Bradshaw, OJ Simpson and Steve Largent’s rookie card.

While my search for a reasonable priced Largent RC from the Mexican set has been unfulfilled I have happily added another Seahawks rookie, Jim Zorn, from the set to my collection.

Jim Zorn is not as popular as Steve Largent but he was the Seahawks first quarterback and was the starting QB for 9 seasons before being replaced by Dave Krieg in 1984. After retiring in 1987 he coached a couple of years in college before moving to the NFL where he has been a QB coach for 5 teams plus two disastrous seasons as the Washington Redskins head coach.

The 1977 Topps Mexican football cards are not always apparent at first considering that some of the team names and positions are the same in English and Spanish but when you flip the card over it is all in Spanish. I also noticed that the Mexican card is a flimsier cardboard, almost a sticker like cardboard stock, but the ink is brighter.


  1. Still working on my Browns Mexican cards. Hard to find and a lot of spotting. Good luck!

    I'll be sending you an email tomorrow. I have a Largent card for you that I was going to bring at Christmas, but I'll be coming down for Easter.

  2. Great card. Once upon a time the Largent was on my search list. Took it off b/c they're just too expensive. Maybe I'll try to track down a Zorn.