Monday, May 15, 2017

Anymore Ideas Of What I Can Do So You Don't Have To?

The list that I have put together for my “So you don’t have to” posts is up to 14 items, including the three from this past weekend. I am excited about this because there are things I have wanted to do to cards and now I have a reason to do them. I am setting parameters for each experiment because I want them to be easily replicated if anyone else wants to give it a try.

Most will take minutes or maybe a day to accomplish but there is one that will take time, that is Fuji’s suggestion about finding out if junk wax can be turned in to worm compost. I have begun the process setting up this experiment, I plan to make this a one year project which I will be starting next week.

If anyone has any more suggestions just let me know, I would love to add more items to the list. The list may be altered a bit here and there, some are nearly the same so I may just include them in one experiment. Here is what I have so far:

Burn a chrome card
Create sketch card
Create a collage
Create a custom card
Create multi-layer card/3D
Place a card in bike spokes
Place a card out in the environment for 1 year
Remove auto sticker
Place removed sticker
Remove a card from graded case
Remove a manufactured patch from a card
Remove a medallion from a card
Separate base cards (split layers)
Separate a jersey card
Separate a patch card
Skin a chrome card
Skin a Prizm
Submerge base cards in bleach
Submerge graded cards in water


  1. Guess you can put kill a spammer comment on the list.

    I just did the "free the graded card" thing.

    1. I have not tried to crack a case the way you did, I will have to give that a try. I have cracked the top corner with a plyers and then slid a flat edge screwdriver down the break to crack the case.

  2. Howbout submerge a graded card? I wonder if those things are waterproof.

    And I see you've got "Skin a chrome card" on the list.. I guess that's like another one I was going to suggest. Trying to peel the layers off. Maybe rip a chrome card? Burn a chrome card?

    1. Good ideas, they have been added to the list.