Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Illegal Motion... Eddie Jones... Failure To Return To His Original Position

Last month after I did the “So You Don’t Have To” segment where I plunged graded cards under water for a week and then cracked the cases, I tossed the cards in to my card drawer with the intent of putting them in to the proper storage boxes when I had the time. Well, the cards are still in the drawer, but Eddie Jones is a but curvier then he had been. Now, I love curves on a girl but curves on a card are a different subject. 

I figure that the water that got in to the case is what caused the bending. I know Finest, Chrome and Prizm tend to get a bit of a bend over time if stored improperly but I have never seen anything this extreme. It was graded a SGC 96, what do you think it would come back as now? 


  1. You could do another experiment where you put it in a toploader for a year, then take it out and see if it's improved at all.