Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Junk Wax 2.0 Has It's Advantages

I had posted this on Twitter when I got the card a few weeks ago, so if this seems familiar you aren’t experiencing déjà vu. 

I picked up this 2018 Panini National VIP Allen Iverson relic at the end of October and I paid less for the card ($3.58) than I did for shipping ($3.75). Ten years ago, you wouldn’t think that picking up a two-color patch of a Hall of Famer that is #/25 for under $4 would have ever been a reality, yet here we are. 

It is player worn, but it is a nice addition to my Iverson PC and at 180-pt I think it is the thickest card I have. 


  1. Sweet find. Player worn or not... that's a great price.

  2. Yeah, I'm often shocked at how cheap some of these "hit" cards and low numbered cards can be found for. But I'm happy to buy my Browns when I see them.