Monday, February 3, 2020

All That Is Left X

The Sports Cards Super Bowl prediction was correct, now 7-3 over the past 10 years. Time to share All That Is Left X.

The Prizm included 3 Blaster exclusive Lazer parallels, they are pretty cool with a gold/orange color background. Along with the Butker card I showed yesterday, the other two are #68 Willie Snead IV and #362 Lil'Jordan Humphrey. The included relic is a Premier Jersey Riley Ridley. 
The Donruss Elite blaster had a cool Star Stratus Green parallel Patrick Mahomes II, it was in the OT pack so that is why it wasn’t included yesterday, 3 Green base parallels (Mahomes yesterday plus Luke Kuechly and Rodney Anderson). The relic is a Craftsman Sterling Shepard. 
The Prestige hanger box had 60 cards, with 3 Hanger Box exclusive Green Xtra Points. Former University of Arizona QB Nick Foles, Jordan Howard and Evan Engram. Prestigious Pros Green Carson Wentz and the relic was a Gridiron Heritage Alvin Kamara.
The only Seahawk out of all of the packs is this Chris Carson from the Prestige hanger box.


  1. Lil' Jordan Humphrey... really?

    1. I double checked that too. Seems an odd choice.

    2. Lol. He can pair up with my Lil' Bow Wow card.

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