Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 Press Pass Hall Of Fame Edition Is Live

Press Pass Hall of Fame Legends has now been live for almost a week and we are beginning to see a large selection of cards available and prices are stabilizing following the initial release. As expected there are some extremely limited cards in the upper price range, but with players like RGIII, Nolan Ryan and Larry Bird it is expected. It should be noted that the highest card with bids is at $137, everything above that has a BIN price. On the flip side, for every card over $100 there are many more under $10 (roughly 11-1). Doing a quick scan of auctions, out of the 620 current single card auctions there are 358 that are at $10 or less while there are only 34 at $100 or higher.
The low end contains some names you would expect to be more expensive. Tony Gwynn, Randy Couture, Monte Irvin and Ozzie Smith are all below $10, and this includes the Gwynn and Irvin #/10 and Ozzie Smith #/15.

When I did my initial preview a couple of weeks ago I liked the basic design of the cards but I felt that the $175 price point was way too high and I still feel that way. Some of these cards are pretty sweet and having inscriptions and limited numbers makes for a very cool product but you are more likely to pull a card of Gaylord Perry or Gino Marchetti before a Nolan Ryan or Larry Bird. The numbers just do not work out and this is another product where you are better off hunting for singles of players you like instead of buying a box and hoping for the best.

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