Friday, October 26, 2012

Early Preview Images: 2012-13 Titanium Hockey

Hockey is now cancelled through November and the remaining NHL season is up in the air waiting on groups of millionaires to figure out how to keep more money in their pocket while ignoring the fans who pay their salaries.
Meanwhile card companies are still going through with their hockey release schedule to give hockey collectors their fix. Pacific has Titanium Hockey set for a January release and after last year’s “miss-step” they returned to the original Pacific style designs. I think this will go over well with the hockey faithful.
Each $100 box will contain 5 packs with 4 cards per pack. There will be 5 hits (memorabilia or autograph cards) with at least one hit being an autograph.
The base card should be quite familiar returning to the metal/steel background design. The 100-card base set uses a simple design, the player over the Titanium logo. Each base card will have two hobby exclusive parallels, Ruby (numbered to player’s jersey number) and Gold (numbered to NHL Draft position).
The Gold Rookie cards, which there may be as many as 100 rookies but at least 50 rookies will be included on the final checklist, use the same design but with a gold background color and two “Rookie”  bars along the right and left borders. The rookie cards are going to be extremely limited with only 1 rookie card per 16 box case (1 in 80 packs) and each card will be numbered to the player’s jersey number. Panini will be including rookies from previous NHL drafts who spent some time with the parent club last season.
Some of the announced inserts include Four Star Memorabilia, Milestone Goal Die-Cuts, Game Worn Gear, Scorers and Metallic Marks Autographs. One of my favorites, Game Gear, is back to what we expect from Titanium from last year’s black and gold foil cards.


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  1. I've pretty much accepted the fact that there won't be a hockey season... which sort of sucks, because my Sharks aren't getting any younger. But at the same time, it gives me a reason to boycott spending money on hockey cards.