Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick Peek: 2012 Press Pass Legends Hall of Fame Edition

As we see more all-autograph products hitting the shelves it is expected that some of the releases will get minimal or even no media attention. Press Pass seems to be one of those companies that are usually void of advertisements, not having any major licenses besides NASCAR will do that to a brand.
An upcoming release that has flown under the radar is the 2012 Press Pass Legends Hall of Fame Edition, expected to hit shelves on October 18th. Each box has 1 pack with 4 autograph cards per pack and is pre-selling around $165-175 each. As a bonus each 12-tin case will include one signed baseball and one “Hot Tin” that has 6 autographs instead of 4 autographs.
The set contains a 78-card autograph checklist and is made up of all Hall of Famers in the respective sports with the exception of two rookies, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.
The set is made up of 50 total athletes from baseball, basketball, NCAA, football, golf, MMA and Olympics and is broken down in to a base set and four inserts. All cards are on-card autographs and are #/99 or less with red ink and inscription short prints plus 6 cut signatures #1/1 each.
The 45-card base set includes a solid checklist made up of all sports and includes greats like:
Tony Gwynn
Ricky Henderson
Nolan Ryan
Larry Bird
Bo Jackson
Mean Joe Greene
Paul Hornung
Art Shell
Jack Nicklaus
Randy Couture
Bo Jackson Red Ink Short Print

Jack Nicklaus Inscription Short Print

Nolan Ryan Inscription Short Print

There are four inserts; Rookie Fame Autos, Fan Favorite Autos, Champions Autos and Cut Signatures.

Rookie Fame Autos: 2-card checklist
Luck and RG3

Fan Favorites Autos: 15-card checklist

Champions Autos: 10-card checklist

Cut Signatures: 6-card checklist, all cards are 1/1
Babe Ruth
Ty Cobb
Jackie Robinson
Roger Maris
Sandy Koufax
Ted Williams

The cards are pretty basic in design but I think that in this case it emphasis the athlete and their autograph, something that seems to have been lost on the other all-autograph products. There are some major hits here; especially considering that every athlete is in some sort of Hall of Fame, but with pack prices so high this is one product that is outside of my price range and with my luck I would pull cards like Art Shell or Doug Flutie. I would have loved to have seen Steve Largent or Reggie Jackson added to the checklist.

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