Thursday, October 18, 2012

Follow Up: In The Game Superlative Hockey Volume III

The Toronto Fall Expo is scheduled to begin November 9th at the Toronto International Centre and one thing that is certain is that there will be plenty of hockey cards. Even with the possibility of the NHL season being cancelled (or best case scenario, half a season) hockey cards are still making their way on to the shelves. In The Game is set to release Superlative Hockey Volume III in time for the Fall Expo.
In The Game has updated some of the information regarding the product since I last reviewed it in early September. It appears that they have increased production from the original 1,500 Books (the boxes are in the shape of a book) to 2,500 Books and the SRP is now $350/book instead of the initial $500/book.
On top of the updated information they have also released a number of new pictures from the Skate Lace and Superlative Patch inserts. The Skate Laces insert looks like it would be a pretty cool card to pull. I do not know if he is included but I wouldn't mind seeing a Mike Bossy Skate Lace card on the checklist.


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