Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob Ross

Today would have been Bob Ross’ 70th birthday; even 17 years since he passed away he still is remembered for his show “The Joy of Painting” that ran on PBS between 1983 through 1994. Many of us grew up learning about happy little trees watching his show and I dreamed of being a painter when I grew up.
Ross was born in 1942, in the thick of World War II, and with many supplies being limited there were no major sports card releases at that time so I went with the next best thing, a release by TCMA Ltd. Beginning in the 1970s TCMA released a number of “retro” sets that highlighted players from the 1930s and up, which included a couple of different team sets and minor league teams. In 1983 TCMA created two sets based on 1942, a 1942 Play Ball set and a 1942-46 St.Louis Cardinals team set. I used the Cardinals team set for the template because it was a pretty plain card design that allowed me flexibility to make it an art themed card.
I hope that where ever he is now he is surrounded by happy little trees and mistakes that turned in to fluffy clouds.

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  1. Nothing like fine art painting done with the same brush you use to paint your siding. ;)