Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preview: Marvel Bronze Age

Schedule Release Date: December 5, 2012
Box Configuration:  5 cards per pack/24 packs per box
SRP: $60/box
Box Break:
1 Sketch Card
120 cards  total per box
My Thoughts:
Like many readers I grew up during the Bronze Age of comics (1970-1985) and read plenty of books over the years. This set is a tribute to that time, paying homage to the heroes as well as the writers and artists that made it happen.
Marvel: Bronze Age, from Rittenhouse Archives,  is an 81-card set focusing on the characters and major story lines during the time frame. There are foil parallels of each base card and inserts include Retro Marvel Logo cards, Classic Heroes cards and sketch cards. Like most comic book releases the product is all about the sketch cards. Each box contains one sketch card from some of today’s top artists like Tony Perna, Mike Lilly, Anthony Tan and Andy Price.
The big news of the release is the various “hot” boxes; apparently there are three different types. One type will include a full sketch card puzzle (multiple sketch cards that make up a complete scene). The Mini Archive hot boxes contain a complete foil parallel set (81-cards), all inserts and 5 sketch cards. The Archive hot boxes have 30 random sketch cards included.
If there is perfect collation you should be able to complete the 81-card checklist considering that you will pull 120 cards total out of a box.
Case Incentives include:
1 Case Incentive: A 5-card Bronze Age Puzzle case topper
6 Case Incentive: A Painted Sketch card by Jim Kyle
9 Case Incentive: A Painted Sketch card by Mick Glebe or Matt Glebe
18 Case Incentive: A Marvel: Bronze Age Archive Box (hot box includes 30 sketch cards)
Decent Price
One Sketch Card per box
Not much information released yet
It is difficult to rate right now, Rittenhouse has released very little information besides a couple of promo cards, 5 insert cards and 17 sketch artists so hopefully as time gets closer to the release date there will be more information released.
Base Card
Captain America Classic Heroes insert

Incredible Hulk Classic Heroes Insert

Thor Classic Heroes Insert
The cards below are the sketch cards that are one per box. I have selected one card from 16 of the 17 announced artists plus a Sketch Puzzle card from artist Rhiannon Owens (the 17th announced artist).

Sketch Puzzle cards by Rhiannon Owens

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