Monday, October 15, 2012

A Manning And A Question

Tonight is was great to see the old Peyton Manning show up in the second half. He started the half going 13/13 before he finally missed a pass and finished the night 24/30 with 309 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT.
Which brings me to tonight’s post, my Peyton Manning autograph.
Without going in to detail I have been battling a life-long disease that has caused me to spend a lot of time in the hospital over the years. In late 2003 I was in the hospital for an extended stay while going through a week-long series of tests, my wife was pregnant with our second child, and I was pretty down on things because I was away from my family at a very special time. On one of my wife’s visits she came in with our young son tagging along. He hops in to my bed and pulls a box of 2003 SP Game Used football from behind his back. We spent the next half-hour opening packs as I answered all his questions about the players we were pulling.
I pulled an amazing Peyton Manning Gold Autograph #/50 from the box, easily ranking among the best pulls of my life. The thing is that even though this card has decent monetary value it has more sentimental value to me because I pulled it while my son sat in my lap while I was going through a difficult time.



In a question to my readers:


Have you ever pulled/owned a card, memorabilia or autograph that has had more personal value than monetary value? Something that you would not trade or sell no matter what the circumstances were.

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  1. Wow... great question. I definitely have cards in my collection that have more personal value than monetary value. But off the top of my head, they've all been purchases.

    I've had a few decent pulls, but the only ones that come to mind are the ones with more monetary value.

    I'll have to sit on this question and see if something my youth pops into my head.

    Oh... and what a sweet Manning autograph. That's a great story behind the card too.