Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vintage Card of the Month: 1933 Goudey Adam Comorosky

This month’s vintage card of the month comes from one of my favorite vintage sets, the 1933 Goudey set. A couple of months back I assisted a reader, Phil, who needed help identifying a collection of vintage cards. He was helping one of his associates who had received the cards from a family member and I have to admit it was a beautiful collection of both sports and non-sports mainly from the tobacco era. He recently sent me this card to thank me for the help.
Adam Comorosky had a 10-year career, but what most would consider a “quiet” type of career. He spent 8 years with the Pirates where he played with future Hall of Famers Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner and Pie Traynor, even making it to the 1927 World Series against the dreaded New York Yankees and Murder’s Row. In 1930 he had his best year, hitting .313 with 23 Triples, a feat (Triples in a season) that was not matched for almost 20 years. He finished up his final two years with the Cincinnati Reds where he played with four more future Hall of Famers; Chick Hafey, Jim Bottomley, Ernie Lombardi and Kiki Culyer. His claim to fame is that he is the only National League outfielder to have two unassisted double plays in season.
The card shows its age, you can tell that the card was in a kid’s collection and was probably pulled out and passed around. One thing that about these older gum cards is that you know that they were owned by kids, I have some with pin holes where they were hung up on a wall and another that has writing on it. It is the character that you get to love about these sets.
I noticed that Comorosky’s hat is red with a blue “P”, the Pirates hats were actually the opposite color with a blue hat and a red “P”. The other Pirate players in the set all have the correct hat colors; Comorosky is the only one with the reversed color.

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